1) Brazolet (Brazo Outlet)

Brazolet is utilized generally abroad as of late, it is utilized to interface or connect the fortified fittings.It happens of conventional associating ways. The assortment of Brazolet is made in phenomenal Forgings. It's intended for use with KLM and IPS metal or copper tubing. It’s accessible with socket or threaded connections.

2) Coupolet (Coupling Outlet)

Coupolet fittings are intended for use in flame/fire insurance sprinkler frameworks and other low weight pressure piping applications. Produced with NPT female threads for 300# administration and are UL Listed and F.M. affirmed. We at Sandco are one of the largest olet pipe fittings manufacturer in India.

3) Elbolet (Elbow Outlet)

Elbolet is utilized on 90° Long Radius Elbows (can be produced for Short Radius Elbows) for thermo well and instrumentation associations. Accessible butt-weld to meet particular support prerequisites, and 3000# and 6000# classes for Socket Weld and strung applications. We at Sandco are one of the largest olet pipe fittings manufacturer in India.

4) Flexolet (Flexo Outlet)

Flexolets are like weldolets with a minor distinction i.e. flexolet has straight bore while weldolet has decreased bore. We give flexolets butt weld, socket weld and threaded ends. Hence, you can pick any of them as per the piping applications.

5) Insert Weldolet (Insert Welding Outlet)

Insert Weldolet is the most widely recognized of all branch connections, and is welded onto the outlet pipe. The ends are slanted to encourage this procedure, and in this manner the weldolet is viewed as a butt-weld fitting. Weldolets are intended to limit stretch fixations and give essential fortification / reinforcement.

6) Latrolet (Lateral Outlet)

Latrolets are a variety of weldolets. You have to connect it in same way, however these Latrolets make a 45-degree connection to the principle pipe instead of a 90 degree. These olets can be either butt welded, socket welded, or threaded.

7) Nipolet (Nipple Outlet)

Nipolets is only a blend of olets with nipples. These olets work like the weldolets or threadolets, yet are with nipple. They come either with a plain end or a threaded end. You can utilize either as indicated by the applications. Nipolets are broadly utilized for vents, taps, or depletes (drains).

8) Sockolet (Socket Weld Outlet)

Sockolets are fundamentally like weldolets and threadolets; aside from the way that in Sockolets there is unique attachment accommodated welding. This gives it a proper 90 degree turn. This additionally makes it able for utilizing as a part of applications that requires high pressure weights.

9) Sweepolet (Swept Outlet)

Sweepolet is a shaped, essentially fortified; butt-weld branch association with a low stress escalation factor for low burdens and long exhaustion life. The connection weld is effectively inspected by radiography, ultrasound and other standard non-damaging methods. It’s produced to meet your particular support prerequisites. It reduces the stress concentration factors and pipe stresses.

10) Threadolet (Threaded Outlet)

Threadolets are like different olets; the main contrast is that this olet is furnished with female threaded connection. No welding is required in this association. These are regularly created in 3000 and 6000 pressure weight class.

11) Weldolet (Welding Outlets)

Weldolets or welding olets or welding branch connection fittings are the most well-known among all the olets. These are for the most used and categorized as buttweld fittings, as these are welded into the branch pipe. The primary favorable position of weldolets is that it limits stress concentration as are well-suited for high pressure weight applications.